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COVID-19 UPDATE - 25th May 2020

With news of the virus spreading through Europe, we wanted to give you an update to our position with our classes in our studio.

We have always cleaned our mats before every class with a mat wash that has anti-bacterial properties, that was part of our own policy, and we continued to do this. We also have an air filtration system in our studio that we used daily.

But we still had to close the studio due to government guidelines and to keep our customers safe.

At this time our studio remains shut. Many businesses are starting to reopen, as is our store, and get back to some normality of life. But we feel it is best to keep the studio and classes closed for now, until we feel it is a safe time to be able to offer classes again to our customers. We will be reviewing this regularly and will let you know as soon as we reopen our movement studio again.

Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you all to keep safe.

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